Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Surviving Las Vegas as A Black Actor: PERSONAL EXPERIENCES

Companies hiring are full of Nepotism, Racism, Sexism.. Does anybody care?

Okay, enough is enough. I am so sick of hear about how people are out of work and the unemployment rate is higher than ever. You know, it is not the people’s fault for being out of work, and it’s still not their fault for not getting the job that is in the newspaper saying they are hiring. Or, how about the people at Nevada Job Connect, sending you to a place for work and the company turns around and say they are not hiring anymore but will take your application. I don’t know about you but there is a strong amount of hiring discrimination going on in this town. I don’t throw the “D” word around lightly, but I’ve encountered so much nepotism, racism, and sexism in Las Vegas when it comes to applying.
For a long time, no matter where you are, when you apply for a job in person, You were guaranteed to speak with a person in Management or Human Resources. Screw that here. These Las Vegans, I really don’t know  how any businesses can stay open? Considering people only hire their friends and families for most of the jobs around here. There’s only but so many people in a group of families and friends to hire, unless they somehow have a group of inbreds to get help from. For example; I’ve read openings for Office assistants, Administrative assistants, Front Desk receptionist, Front Desk clerks, Office coordinators, around this here old town. Well, they need to include in their classify ad, “No Black Males Need Apply”, if you are a homosexual, please, apply often. If not, be ready to push a broom or drive a golf cart outside. You’re no threat to the White women that work here when you have that position.
Which brings me to my resume, I’ve accumulated over the years, experience, I mean, over 16 years experience. I still can’t get an administrative job in Las Vegas. From what I encountered, in every company that I interview for, if you’re not a “Lily-White-peppy-Cheerleader-with-big-tits-and-absolutely-no-brains-but-can-text-100-letters-a-second,” or the “White-fat-chick-with-all-kinds-of-drama,” or the “Questionable-Lesbian-with-children-and-ex-boyfriend -problems” , or my favorite, “The-closeted-racist-in-Human-Resources-who-makes-it-a-point-to-not-hire-Black-men-unless-they-are-gay”, do not apply. With these kind of people, it’s proof that no real work ever gets done in these offices, but they are the one‘s with jobs while the real workers are out searching for one. Then, the State talks about the Unemployment rate being high, it is not the job seekers that are the problem, people. Has anyone thought about the Hiring practices of all the local businesses? The nepotism, racism, and with some people, sexism. Which keeps people away from the job they are applying for. This town is full of all kind of discrimination but nobody wants to file a complaint, nor talk about it.
 What you will hear when those kind of females are working is the constant complaint of having too much work to do. Isn’t that what you‘re supposed to be doing? WORKING. Does a man in the office ever really complain about working too much? Does a man put in a great amount of work and then sit back for a moment? Aren’t most men glad they have a job and try not to take it for granted? Instead, we have uneducated bimbos filling in jobs that real workers need and not complain about too much work? I’ve heard a lot of the other types of women complain but, making that kind of statement on record would get a company in some major trouble. Just as well, since they don’t advertise it, they still do the same thing administratively, all behind closed doors. There is not one place in Vegas where the front desk receptionist is not a very attractive white girl. Some may actually have enough brains to get the job done. I mean, a fully complete white bimbo with big boobs,  cell phone, and barely any real computer knowledge.
If a company hires a Black man who types over 45 wpm, knows Microsoft office, forward and back. Sounds great answering the office phone, dresses very nice, like a walking mens’ magazine, never tardy, and most importantly, an impressive resume with references. Why won’t you hire the man? Are Vegas companies that vain to not hire such an impressive man who happens to be Black? Yes, they are. Does the front of an office has to always be so white washed? I will always say this until somebody does a little investigative reporting. Don’t talk about the unemployed until you take a look at the companies hiring practices in Las Vegas and the State. The question will rise, how much racism and nepotism can one office put out there? The companies that I came across here with said discrimination practices; Greater Nevada Auto Auction, User Friendly Phonebook, Eastridge Group, AppleOne, Expedia, Prestige Travel, Travel One, Mark Travel Company, and Freeman, won’t hire Black males in any administrative capacity. This is all based on my one-on-one experience while living in Las Vegas.
Those companies are known to not hire Black males in any administrative positions with more than enough qualifying background and excellent referrals. Why? Good question. Not too long ago, that was all you needed to do get a job, at least the interview. So what are we able to do about these injustices? When you apply in person there is a problem, you have to wait for who knows how long to hear from somebody. Sometimes never to hear at all. Ever thought about that?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Surviving Hollywood as a Black Actor: Personal Experiences

            Here I am, a Black-Cuban-Jamaican raised in North/South Carolina in the 70’s and 80’s which time, racism in the Carolina’s was the main practice.
            Fast forward to 2008, we finally got a Black President, do you think the Black race would bond together to correct themselves. Hell no. Now 2013, still have a Black President and the Blacks are doing exactly what the racist world would hope for us to do. Stay divided. As a Black-Cuban-Jamaican, I am taking shit from a Black woman. Really, a Black girl. A Black child. I mean a Black, Black child. I know what I'm saying may piss you off, but I am really pissed the fuck off. Why in the hell should I constantly take rude, disrespectful, disgusting, mean-spirited remarks from a Black bitch childlike creature that discriminate her own race. The funny part is that she is Africa black. Tar baby with gap teeth. All she cares about is white men, and how they can do no wrong. She wants to date only white men. Guys dumber than that tiny dick Beiber. I know its everyone choice to be with who you want but do you have to promote it so loudly? To downplay Black men like we stole from you and rape your sister. There are more good black men out there than the bad men you may have encountered. Oh well, her lost.
            When you look at her you will see that those guys would never go after her. Needless to say, no white man in their right mind ever looks her way because her only friend is a Fantasy reader and a cat. That friend wants to hook up with  Elves and the kids from the Potter films. Pretty sad huh? So where does that gives her the audacity to disrespect me? I would venture to think that it's my outgoing nature, 2 jobs, actually know people, and I have no reason to lie. Guess that makes me attractive. For her, from the neck down, her only attractive parts is her pair of 42 double D’s.
    I shouldn’t be saying these things, but each day at work I go through some kind of insult from her and the sarcastic “I didn’t mean it,” that is utter bullshit. The other black men that work there get her respect. So why is it with me?
I don’t joke with her.
I don’t flirt with her.
I don’t ask her to hang out.
I don’t join in conversation when she is talking.
I don’t even waste my time with what she’s done over the weekend.
Hell, she calls herself Lisa Simpson. A freaking cartoon. What kind of shit is that? You know my past experience working with black women, is they will always find a way to disrespect, humiliate, or report you for sexual harassment, especially a black man, even when you didn’t do a damn thing.
            Years ago (hell, even still), a black man had to worry about how to talk to a woman. Watch his words. Because every time he says ‘hello’ to a woman, what he‘s really saying is, “suck my dick bitch,” or “let me play with those titties”, or (my favorite) “let’s fuck.” All black men had to worry about that only with white women. But, Black women too? I am at the point in my life to not call a black woman “sister.“ Problem is, I can’t believe it is still happening. Women joke around in the nastiest of ways when they are together. As a man, you should know when to not say a word. Believe it or not, they can make that work against you too. I had that happened to me. Sat in a room with only white women and one white man, they were joking about their boy/girlfriends and husbands, I never said a word. I laughed at what was going on, but never said anything. Next day, called into the office, somebody had made a sexual harassment claim against you for last night. I went off,
Me, I can’t do nothing until I get another job and then come back with an attitude. One way or another they will the police knocking on your door with a warrant for your arrest.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Talent Agents & Managers

    What can be said about Agents and Managers? I mean it, what can be said? They are ruthless, shifty, liars, doubters, racist, play favorites, scam artists, thieves, and all around bad people.  You can think you found somebody to be with and then they turn around and don’t do a damn thing for you. In Las Vegas, the so-called Talent agents and Personal managers are absolutely worthless.

    Being in Las Vegas, you have a small assortment of talent agencies that may, or may not, give you the time of day. For me, they don’t look at me much because I’m not 6’ feet tall, slim to athletic build, light skin complexion. The agents in Vegas have this strong racist view of Black men; they either resemble a Will Smith type or the light skin brother on “Grey’s Anatomy”. They don’t want anything to do with you if you are 5’ 7” and a bit over weight. My resume can be 2 pages long, it doesn’t matter to them. They like dumb stoopid types that can’t act worth a shit. I constantly hear here, “you should move on to Los Angeles, you can do better there since you‘re union.” Ain’t that some shit? Pushing me away instead of trying to bank off my talents. Hard to figure out isn’t it? I am seriously going to start asking them for the money to move to L.A. and for them to acquire me a fulltime job so I can pay rent and bills while continuing my acting career. Wonder how that’ll go over. The Entertainment capital of the world and they still won’t hire Black men, except those that are good-looking and stoopid.  Chris Brown anyone?


Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Side Note: 
I don’t know how you would handle this subject, but it is a pain when I hear it. Friends, or mere acquaintances, who constantly praise god for their auditions or gigs. That is such a load of crap. If there is a god out there for acting or performing, I wouldn’t have to take a job on the side as a Security Officer at the local mental health clinic as my main source of income. With all the talent I possess, I should be a recurring actor on a sit-com, or at least 3 films under my belt, or performing on Broadway on the regular like Nathan Lane. Co-starring with John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, George Clooney, with phone calls from Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, Judd Apatow. All asking me to be in their next project. Any real adjusted person knows; in this business the only god you need to know and praise is the Director or Producer. They have the power to do anything they want. Because it’s their show. Nobody else’s. Should you encounter people like this: BEWARE.  Believing in false hope can misguide the true nature of your career, if you want to involve false belief in your acting career, there is Catholism.

Thursday, March 21, 2013



    While you are trying your damndest to become an entertainer/performer. People, you will need to have something or someone, to lean on. Whether it’s your family, friends, a mythological god, or yourself. (Refer to the chapter on Family and Friends.)
    What I found out is that, believing in god to obtain an acting or modeling job is a long standing joke, but it does keep a certain few in line and out of the audition/casting process. Hey, it worked in the early years with people. Everybody preaching about “Follow me or die”  or  “Preach love, and kill those that don’t believe.” Profound isn’t it?
    Anyway, believing maybe your choice of personal support. It will not help you get the job, your talent, within those precious few seconds will get you that callback or book the job. Talent, or looks. To tell you what I’ve seen and heard; casting directors, directors will state while rehearsing,  “When you are here I am god.” If you have a the or chutzpah  to question that remark, please, feel free. Some of them may even welcome your input about their comment, or your opinions. As long as you have all of you belongings packed, and ready to got home. Because, you are now canned, kicked out the door, terminated, unemployed, or plain ol’ fired. To confront a Director or Casting/Director or Producer will hurt you down the road. Therefore, after listening, hearing, each one who thinks acts like that is fine with me. So I laugh inside, nod my head, then, concentrate solely on the job I was cast for. Nothing else. To be an Actor.
    The worst people I’ve ran into that does all of the aforementioned  are the Married; Director/Actor, Casting Director/Actor, or the Artistic Director/Director. I learned this while working at the Metro Theatre Company  in St. Louis, MO., this theatre was on that level. Bad. The Director/Lead Actor was married to each other, which made it slightly difficult to work there as an effective actor. You never knew who you can trust to talk to if something was bothering you. All of your business went back to one of them. Sometimes, at a theatre, you can find a work companion to confine in. A person to immediately trust and talk about anything, not too deep. At this theatre in St. Louis, you are a total outsider, plain and simple. Only time you feel welcome is when they hire you, only then, you think you made the right choice for a gig. Well, after they fired me, after several beautiful performances, I felt relieved to leave such a non-trusting, negative, and back stabbing environment. It just wasn’t healthy at all. These people are exactly the “never can get work, so they teach” kind of people. it’s a shame that they relay their negativity on new actors. And as seasoned actor, because somewhere down the line they pissed off everybody they worked with.
    As an actor, you will come across the “god freaks’ in acting. These guys are the ones that are so entrenched with believing that god got them their gig, they won’t believe anything else. Not their talent. Not the casting director, nor director. Yet, some invisible force has pushed them through all barriers, bypass every other person to get the part. It’s pretty sad because somewhere down the line if they pull that religious while performing or rehearsing, can get them into trouble which can get them terminated, with no lawyer being able to help them. They all should learn something from all the Atheists, Agnostics, or Scientologists; “Keep your mouth shut.”